The Convenient Cover

So much in the baby gear world changes every year. When I had my oldest, Bug, draped over car seat covers were the thing.  By the time Captain Chaos (#3) came around the stretchy car seat covers were the thing and let me tell you, I jumped on that train.  I loved it!  I mean, it was a nursing cover and car seat cover in one and I’m all about products that can multitask so I was all for it!  In the rainy PNW, these covers worked great to help keep my littles dry for the short trips to and from the car and the wind couldn’t blow it up.  

However, I always had a problem with “where do I put it” when it’s not being used.  I would usually stuff it into the diaper bag, but mine never stays all that organized so it would migrate when I dug for something else and I would be fishing for it when I needed it again.  

When Littlest Miss came along I found one that came with a drawstring bag which I thought would be great so I could loop the drawstring around the car seat handle and keep the cover in there.  BUT that always ended up laying on the ground when I would set the seat down and it would get kind of gross.  One night my hubs and I were discussing this issue and he said “I wish they made one that was more like a stuff sack so it wouldn’t dangle and wouldn’t drag on the ground”.  That’s when I started designing the Convenient Cover.  No more digging for it in my diaper bag or having it dangle on the floor.  Since the storage pocket is built-in, it’s one less thing I had to keep track of, and the snaps keep it always where I want it, when I want it.  Not to mention that when it’s stored, the inside of the storage pocket is all that is exposed so I don’t even have to worry about the cover itself getting germy or gross, which was huge for this germaphobe!  I can’t believe it took me until our last kiddo and the last few months in her infant car seat to design it, but it has been awesome!  I’ve also used it as a highchair cover and cart cover, so it has definitely been well used by us and I just want to share that convenience with other parents too.