Cocoona...Better than a blanket

Cocoona...Better than a blanket

The best and most convenient way to keep your little safe and warm….the Cocoona!

I created the Cocoona when my oldest was a tiny baby.  We lived in New England and were experiencing our first winter as parents.  My son HATED his car seat with a passion so when we got where we were going I had to get him out of his seat as fast as humanly possible!  This boy was a magician getting socks off within seconds too, kicking everything off in his fit.  I searched for something to keep him warm and safe while in his car seat, but that could quickly and easily transition into my arms or his carrier as soon as we got to where we were going.  

To my surprise, I couldn't find anything short of blankets!  So, I got to work designing the Cocoona.

I did a lot of research to make sure that I was in no way changing the safety features of his car seat, carrier, and stroller.  So I designed it to go on AFTER he was securely buckled in.  I had to make sure that my little magician couldn't sneak his tiny feet out into the freezing breeze or kick it off onto the wet, gross ground on our journey.

Over the years and multiple children, it has evolved into the design we have today, providing amazing versatility across brands and devices, and can be used on your child from birth through toddlerhood; ultimately saving you time, money, space, and sanity!


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