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Multifunctional & so easy to use!

  • I bought a Coocona® after years of frustration with falling blankets that inevitably got run over by our stroller.


  • We take our Coocona® everywhere! We know our babies can stay safe and warm while chasing my toddler.


  • I was lucky enough to be gifted a Cocoona® for our first baby. It's so versatile and warm, it has helped keep us in our routine with walks outside even through the winter. Probably one of my most cherished baby gear gifts that I didn't know I needed until I received it!


  • Thanks for creating a product that people love and I love to give.


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  • Safety

    Safety is our top priority. All of our products are made to meet CPSC safety requirements and go through quality control tests.

  • Versatile

    Growing kids and buys lives makes for diverse needs. Each of our products are designed to meet multiple needs to save time, money, and stress.

  • High Quality

    Our products are handmade here in the USA. We source amazing fabrics and take care to ensure quality in our craftsmanship.

  • Long Lasting

    Since we use quality materials and craftmanship, our products are built to last for years and kids to come. I've been using them for years with my own kids.

My Story

Throughout my motherhood journey I found several baby essentials that fell short for my needs and created unnecessary frustration, so I started making ones that alleviated that stress.  

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Stephena Anderson