About Us

As a former Army Nurse and mom of 4, I'm all about products that are efficient, effective, and safe.  I started this journey with our first dancing skunk when we moved to New England.  We were new to the frigid winter weather and new parents.  All we wanted was to find something that would keep our baby warm for the short trip in the car seat to the car and then as we carried him from the car in his Bjorn into the store. I had the worst time trying to find something that could b used safely on both devices and keep him warm.  I couldn't find anything that could go across one device to the next.  

So I created one!  That's when the Cocoona was born.  After several upgrades, I finally arrived at the model that is available for you today. 

Throughout my motherhood journey I found several other baby essentials that fell short for my needs and created unnecessary frustration, so I started making ones that alleviated that stress.  

I have a passion for sewing and enjoy making things that are functional, cute, durable, and most of all safe for your Little Love.  All of my products are handmade by yours truly right here in the USA!  I don't make anything that I haven't or wouldn't use on my own children.  I follow the strict safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ensure safety.  

Every time I sew a product, I think about the Little one who will be receiving it and say a prayer for a beautiful, healthy life for them and their family and send it off with love and hope.  

Thank you for taking an interest in my business and helping to grow my dream.