The magic of skin to skin snuggles

The magic of skin to skin snuggles

After each of my kiddos was born I was able to have them put directly on my chest for skin to skin snuggles…what is often referred to as “the golden hour”.  Each time was longer and longer because over the years the benefits of skin to skin contact has gained more traction.  However, after the initial skin to skin time right after birth, I wasn’t told to continue the skin to skin snuggle sessions.  As a former Mother Baby nurse though, I had done the research to know the importance of these continued sessions.  In reality, skin to skin snuggles are very beneficial for up to at least 3 months (even longer if baby was born premature).

Skin to skin is different than holding a bundled up baby.  The physical contact and connection is different and so are the benefits.  So who benefits from skin to skin?  Well, everyone involved actually.  Be it the birthing parent, non birthing parent, and, of course, the baby!  

Research shows that skin to skin snuggles help to baby regulate body systems such as  heart rate, and breathing, reduces their stress, keeps them warm, promotes good sleep/wake cycles (increased alertness when awake and promote deeps sleep), may enhance brain development, boosts immune system, and promotes bonding with their parent.   Although the initial hour after birth is important, these benefits continue over weeks and months.

For the birthing parent it also helps regulate hormones, can help with milk supply/breastfeeding, and help promote bonding with baby.  After the birth of two of my kiddos they had to be taken right away for assessments because things were just a bit concerning to the staff, so I missed out on that nice long immediate bonding with them.  With my other two I got them on me right away and for a nice long time.  Looking back on all of it now, I can see the differences that time made for me physically.  

As I mentioned above, skin to skin snuggles also help promote bonding with the non birthing parent and the baby can still get the amazing benefits.  And honestly, seeing my husband snuggling our babies was such a beautiful memory that I will always have.  And since I breastfed my kids for the most part, it was a great opportunity for my husband to get some special time with them.  A bond that has strengthened over time, but started in the first few months with a lot of skin to skin snuggles.  

We continued skin to skin snuggles for months after our babies were born and it was honestly amazing in the difference it made, but it was a hassle when they were already fully clothed and I had limited time (especially with 2, 3, & 4).  I created the Skin to Skin Snuggle Romper because I wanted to make it super easy for parents to have these benefits with their babies beyond the initial Golden Hour.

I had originally started designing the Skin to Skin Romper as a two piece outfit.  I knew I wanted it to be easy access to skin to skin and have built in mitts and socks because my newborns ALWAY lost those.  I’m also a very practical person and always try to find ways to get longevity out of things, so the cuffs are designed to also be worn unfolded so that as your baby grows, so do the clothes.  As I was designing and trialing this outfit I was hearing a bunch of stories from parents who had babies in the NICU for various reasons.  I knew that this outfit would be amazing for preemies so I did a lot of listening and research to make it NICU friendly and loved getting feedback on it from current and former NICU parents and nurses.  After I thought I had gotten he outfit perfect, a friend of mine asked me to design a romper that would be easy for skin to skin.  So I redesigned the outfit into a romper that is perfect for skin to skin, is NICU friendly, and grows with your kiddo, saving you money on clothes as they grow so fast in the early weeks and months.   


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