Spit happens...

Spit happens...

Spit happens…don’t I know it!  When my oldest was tiny, he had reflux and a lot of spit went down in our house.  It didn’t seem to bother him too much, but knowing that he was obviously not the most comfortable was difficult as a new mom.  So all we could do was try to contain it and clean it up.  We tried bibs, but they were too big for his little body and would leave too much of a gap to be effective so he would get moist under the bib and get rashes on his chest.  We also went through a spit-ton of burp cloths because one spit-up session was more than they could handle.  So I moved on to kitchen towels, which were a lot better, but weren’t as soft as I wanted them to be so I put a gauze blanket over them, but they would all bunch up on my neck.  It felt like there was just too much fabric right by his face and that made me uncomfortable.

This experience lead me to design bibs and burp cloths that would actually absorb the big and small spit-ups, saving both of our shirts and therefore saving me from even more of my most dreaded house chore: laundry!  Since I was already using a towel and blanket and loved the effectiveness of that combo, I kept on using them!  So all of my bibs and burp cloths are made of 100% cotton gauze and 100% cotton toweling.  The unique shape of my burp cloths allows for maximum coverage down the front AND the back, while giving a comfortable amount of space on the shoulder.  My Wee Little Bibs are specifically designed to fit tiny bodies properly: just the right size and have multiple snaps for sizing.

I truly do look for ways to save myself from even more laundry and these combos definitely do.



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